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April 13, 2011 / laughinglivingloving

Brunch, at home!

Sabrina’s is one of my favorite brunch places in Philadelphia.  I always go with the best of intentions to try something new, and every time I end up ordering the stuffed french toast.  There’s the standard stuffed, which is two thick slices of challah bread, cream cheese and banana filling, and banana topping, or there’s always a stuffed french toast on the daily specials.  I’d go to Sabrina’s every weekend if I could, but I’d gain all sorts of weight and go broke doing it.  I decided to try my hand at stuffed french toast and see what happened!

Lo and behold!

Stuffed French Toast!










This is what happened!  I used a homemade bread recipe from Smitten Kitchen, the homemade lemon curd I mentioned earlier, and some frozen berries.

About the bread: I know it looks little.  I didn’t get the rise out of it that was supposed to happen, but it tasted good anyway.  I WILL be trying that recipe again.

What you need:

sliced bread (thick slices are good)




lemon curd

1 bag frozen mixed berries


If you’ve made regular french toast, you can make stuffed french toast.  First, start your berry compote topping.  If you’re using fresh berries, it will take less time to cook down, but you’ll still want to start it first.  If your berries are frozen, don’t bother thawing them beforehand.  Toss them in a saucepan with a couple tablespoons of sugar.  Turn the heat on medium-low and just let it cook down, giving it a stir every minute or two.  Don’t stir so vigorously that you break up all the berries, you want some nice chunks for on top of the french toast.  Don’t let the sauce get above a simmer, or you’ll have purple berry juice everywhere.  It’s not fun to clean up.  The sauce will thicken a bit as it cooks.

Now in a shallow dish, make your dipping batter.  I use 3 eggs, a glug of milk, and a teaspoon or so of vanilla.  I have never measured my batter, so I apologize that I can’t give better measurements.  Whip your eggs together for a minute before adding the milk (or cream, if you’re feeling decadent) and vanilla, then whip a minute more.  Grab a slice of bread, slather on the lemon curd and don’t be shy.  I wish I had more lemon curd on mine, because the flavor really got lost.  Next time, I may try whipping the lemon curd with a bit of cream cheese to make it go a little farther.  Top with another slice of bread.  Repeat with as many pieces of french toast as you want to make.

Dip each sandwich into your batter.  You want to give it enough time to let the batter soak into the bread just a little bit, but not so much that it gets soggy.  I wish I had better advice to offer, but it’s really trial and error.  I’d say a good five seconds on each side.  Swish it around a little bit.  Cook over medium to medium high heat until each side is golden brown.

To keep it warm as you’re cooking the rest, turn your oven to the lowest setting (mine is 200°F) and place on a heatproof plate or dish inside.  To serve, cut on the diagonal if you’re feeling fancy, and spoon a couple good scoops of berry compote over the top.  Add powdered sugar or whipped cream if you’re feeling super fancy!  I wasn’t.


Watch this:









Turn into this:


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